Sosei Sato, Artworks and management experience

Soil Works

Year: 2009
Title: There is something i cannot remember but haven’t forgotten
Media: Soil, photograph, wood
Place: Bank Art 1929 (Yokohama)

These photo was on the Monolith and blinking slowly

There is a house under the ground

Year: 2008–2009
I was working together with wah document from 2007–2009
wah document website

Idea Collection

Year: 2008
Collecting Ideas at Museum, Primary schools, and on the street.
We Collected over 1000 amazing ideas from people. this project leads us to realize the project “ There is a house under the ground” . It became the style of wah document. (wah broke up in 2013 and become Me’目)

Phenom of Tranquility

Yeah: 2011 Holland
directior : Takahiro Tsushima
scenario : Sosei Sato
interviewee : Theo Jansen / Cees van der Wal / Wim van der Wal
interviewer : Sosei Sato
assisrant : Yuki Fukuda
narration : Mima Fukushi
translation : Maarten Liebregts / Amir Eslah / Miki Tanaka
sound engineer : Hiroshi Yamato Alliance Port, LLC.
poetry : Sakaki Nanao
song “Aquatica” : Aldous Byron Valensia Clarkson
support : Project to support the nurturing of media arts creators / Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

After 3.11 Japan Earthquake, I planed and wrote the scenario of this documentary film.


Camino Sun-Jack


Lakeside Base

Year: 2012–2014

When I was making this work, i was chasing monkeys everyday to protect the field. Also, it was my duty to bury the dead animals which found in the Omachi city. I did several experiment to confront the life and death of the creatures.

● Project management

whistling to the Mountain

Year: 2015
Dancer Chinen Daichi
Produced by Sosei Sato

This project is dedicated to wild animals and Japan alps.

Primitive sense Art festival

year: 2013–2014
I participated as an Artist and the coordinator.
Ran by Artist, Nobuyuki Sugihara

This is my work in Primitive sense art festival. Audience get in with torch, and the white dot on the sculpture is the phosphorescence which leave the afterimage in a dark.

Shinano-Omachi 2014-Food and Art Corridor

Year: 2014
I planed and manage the festival as project manager.
Ran by Local NPO, Grutta network Omachi

Japan Alps Art Festival 2017

Year: 2017
I worked for Art front gallery who is commissioned the festival from City.
Ran by Omachi city council and Japan alps art festival committee.

Time Out article


Shinano Omachi Asahi AIR

Yesr: 2015–2017
I planned and organised the residency program as director

There is 7 artists invited for Asahi Artist in residence. Each Artist find the site by their self and we supported to realize the exhibition. there is also booklet published for exhibition.

and documented the booklet for local.

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